Creo Clean

Creo Clean is the after builders cleaning division of Creo Group.

We are based in south Wales and our role is to support the building and contracting work which is delivered by our teams within the Creo Group.

As far as we’re concerned, Creo Clean will clean the interior of a building before it is handed over to the client, both commercial and domestic. We will clean the walls; remove dust, dirt, scuff marks and smudges; enlist our specialist cleaners for kitchen and bathroom appliances, fixtures and countertops; and clean any base boards, window and door frames, handrails, mantels, and other woodwork.

We can also undertake work for private clients and contractors who require assistance with an after build clean for any project: large or small, commercial or domestic.

Within the division of Creo Clean, we work with project managers to expertly plan every detail on every site, thereby assuring our clients that we can achieve the highest standards every time, on time and on budget.

Creo Clean Image